ADxXx Anti-AdBlock Solution

Solve the problem you are having with AdBlock with the help of ADxXx Anti-AdBlock Solution!

No more lost revenues

Advertisers and website owners everywhere consider AdBlock to be the "number one enemy". According to the last year's statistics, the use of ad blockers has increased by 30%, and more than 615 million devices have installed additional programs that block advertising. The increase in popularity of banner ads blockers means that the webmasters now lose more than 20% of their revenue.


In addition to financial consequences, ad blockers negatively affect the overall appearance of the web page. Complete removal of ad elements disrupts the integrity of the page and scripts that run on it. The popularity of ad blockers is only growing with each passing year, so webmasters now have to think about the question of how to bypass such banner ads blockers.

Introducing ADxXx Anti-AdBlock Solution

ADxXx Anti-AdBlock Solution is one of the latest developments created by our specialists. This technology allows webmasters not to depend on various extensions that block banners on their websites and ensures that advertising on their web sources will be shown to users. By providing a tool to deal with blockers, we provide you with an opportunity to increase your income and be independent of third-party programs that limit your earnings. ADxXx Anti-AdBlock Solution is a unique product that has passed numerous tests and scored high results when fighting the ad blockers.

How does it work?

We will not go into too much of technical information on our product, pointing out instead what results one could expect when using the Anti-AdBlock Solution tool. The majority of ad blockers work on the principle of blocking the messages sent from the ad server. The ad code on the web page sends a request to the ad server, requesting the advertisement. Having recognized the message, AdBlock blocks the request from the site, preventing command execution.

No more lost revenues

ADxXx Anti-AdBlock Solution allows you to hide data that blockers analyze to determine whether an advertisement exists. The blocker does not manage to locate the hidden advertising and as a result, the banner gets displayed on the web page. The process does not take much time, so the publisher does not have to worry about its web pages and banner ads loading speed.

No more lost revenues

How to use ADxXx Anti-AdBlock Solution and increase your revenue?

If you are already registered in our network, you can use ADxXx Anti-AdBlock, after contacting our support team. Our specialists will help you configure all the necessary settings, as well as answer any questions you may have. If you are not yet working with our advertising network, complete a registration process as a Webmaster and add your website. Once we confirm your website, you will have full access to our advertising tools, including the ADxXx Anti-AdBlock.

We wish you success in your fight against AdBlock, as well as high earnings!