Here you will find instructions for Webmasters, on how to register, how to add a site, and on how to set up ad widgets

How to begin working with the ADxXx advertising network


Register on ADxXx as a Webmaster. Registration is free on our site and will only take a couple minutes.

Enter your accurate personal information in the Registration form.


After registration, a letter will arrive at the indicated e-mail address to confirm your e-mail address. Click on the link and activate your account.


Sign in to the Webmaster’s dashboard.


Adding a Platform

In order to start working with ADxXx, select the “Sites” section on the control panel and indicate your website.

Sites Add site

Add your site and confirm your ownership of it.

Add site

You can confirm ownership of the site by adding an HTML file to it or installing our tag in the HTML code of your site’s home page.

A confirmation metatag should be located in the <body> section.


<!DOCTYPE html>

<!-- adxxx-verification-code:914159cdc666eb656cff926ad231818c -->


Indicate the site’s language as well as its visit frequency.
Click on “Save”.

Add site

Wait while our specialists verify your site. Verification can take between 3 to 12 hours on business days.

After we approve your platform you will obtain access to the ad widgets settings.

Creating Widgets

Go to the “Widgets” section and set up display of creative elements on your site.


Click on “Add Widget”.

Add widget

Choose the appropriate formats for the creative elements and save them in order to receive the widgets’ code.

Choice format creative

Apart from banners, we also recommend that you set up native advertisements as well. The appearance of the advertisements can be adapted to the design of the web page by selecting the appropriate font, color, widget background, as well as the quantity and size of the creative elements in the segment. Such advertisements are perceived by users as part of the content they’re viewing and do not put them off the way that direct ads do.

Native creative

Remember, the style, as well as the location of the ad segment, significantly affect clickability and, consequently, your site’s income.

Click for more information about the conditions of placing ADxXx advertisements.

Installing Widgets on a Website

For the display of the creative elements, install the widgets’ codes on your site.

Add creatives your site

Please remember that the code needs to be installed in the areas of the site where the ad widget is to be displayed.

We recommend placing the banners in such a way that they are visible without the necessity of scrolling the page down. Place them in the upper (“head”) side of the site, as well as on the site’s side panels.

In the case any issues should arrive as far as the placement of ad widgets, please consult with our specialists.

Don’t forget to install the second part of the code at the end of the HTML document in order to exclude delays in your site’s main content.

Ready! The ad widgets are set up!

Done, the ad widgets are configured

Payment Information and Payments

Now indicate your payment information.

Go to the “Settings” and choose the payment method.


Enter your payment details fully and accurately.


ADxXx payments are sent to Publishers on a weekly basis from Monday to Friday.

Presented on the Payments page of your account is all of the necessary information on the payments completed. You will see the date and size of completed payments as well as their total amounts.

Congratulations on joining our advertising network. Soon, you will start to see our advertisements displayed on your site.

Track the advertising figures and your site’s income in the Statistics section.

We hope you profit handsomely!